October 30, 2011

"Orange" You Glad You Can Read Day

I'm so excited about tomorrow!!!!!  In our 1st grade classroom, we are going to celebrate all day long thanks to First Grade a la Carte sharing such a cute idea - "Orange" You Glad You Can Read Day.  I just couldn't pass up such a cute idea.  I shared the idea with the kids and they got soooo excited I thought I might have to cancel it.  They were so cute! 

I have a fun-filled day planned for them with all sorts of goodies.  And of course... everything has some connection to the color ORANGE!!!  

I created a few pages that we will also be doing. You are welcome to borrow them.

Happy Halloween!!

October 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Word Search

     I don't know about you guys but this school year is just zooming by.  Oh my goodness!  I can't believe that we are already into our 2nd nine weeks.  Conferences were last week and now with all that paperwork completed and filed, (thank goodness) I am ready to go forward with gusto!  We have so much to cover and so little time!!!
     Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I made up this sheet for those last days when we might have just a few minutes to spare.  Like that is ever going to happen!  But, I will be ready just in case.  You are welcome to us as if you would like.

October 24, 2011


My kiddos had so much fun with spiders today.   Actually I'm not sure if they had more fun, or if I did.  There was a bunch of learning going on today in our class for us all!!!

Anyways, some of my students are having a difficult time writing their numbers to one hundred when counting by tens.  They can count orally with no problem, but they get the numbers all turned around when writing them on paper.  So... I came up with a worksheet to give them some more practice.

If your kiddos are needing some extra practice, please feel free use to it.

October 22, 2011

Almost Lost My Joy for Teaching

I started the school year with such wonderful ideas discovered while looking at blog after blog this summer.  But here it is almost November...and I am back to my old boring routine.     

I sit here pondering what happened to all of those awesome ideas that my head swarmed with.  Oh my goodness, they are scattered everywhere on my computer.  Hundreds (if not thousands) of ideas saved on my  computer...pretty much the biggest computer mess ever, it would make your head spin.

This ultimately left me with several questions.  Am I just a big failure as a teacher?  Is it impossible for me to change?  Am I too set in my ways?  Do I just need to give up?  Blah...blah..blah...

Somehow along the way, I noticed I was beginning to lose my joy for teaching.  I realize now that I just simply overwhelmed myself with so much STUFF!!  So...for now, I am going to continue to teach the way I know how.    I want my joy back!!!

No longer do I feel that I want to implement all of the Daily 5, Math Work Stations, etc. Maybe there are superteachers out there and they are able to change it all at once.  But me, I’m backing up and reevaluating what I need to do to make myself a better teacher – but just as important what I am doing to reach my kiddos.