March 31, 2012

Writing Roller Coaster

The journey of being committed to writing daily for the entire month of March has definitely been like a roller coaster for me. 

There were days that the words flowed easily and my fingers struggled to keep up with the thoughts that danced around in my head.

Then there were days that I honestly did not want to write anything at all. I wanted to quit, but knew I had made a commitment to myself and nothing was going to stop me.

Other days, I knew what I wanted to write about, but I struggled to make sense of all the broken pieces of information.

Then there were the days that my heart seemed to take control and guided my thoughts with a wide range of emotions.

Today, I realized I’m not sure I’m ready to depart from this writing roller coaster. Part of me is sad that my writing commitment has been fulfilled. The other part of me is sighing with relief!

I wonder if I will choose to continue to write without the commitment...

March 30, 2012

Yes! I'm Irritated!!!

I was irritated when I had to wait in the waiting room at the dr.’s office for over 1 & 1/2 hours today.  The bright poster I read warned everyone that they would have to reschedule if they were 15 minutes late.  So... my time is apparently not as important as the doctors.  
          Yes, I was irritated!

I was definitely annoyed when we asked the receptionist to explain some of the charges on the statement and she left us more puzzled than when we started.  She didn’t have a clue where to find the answers.  Goodness gracious!  If no one in the office knows.... who does????  
          Yes, I was annoyed!

I was pretty aggravated when we were lied to.  After waiting over an hour, we were assured that I was next in line.  We were told that others may go in first, but that was because they would be seeing another doctor.   That’s when it happened.... I knew I shouldn’t have asked...but I had to know.  After a short conversation with a lady sitting across from me, I found out that she was told the same thing.  The problem.... her doctor was the same as mine.  Let’s just say I was not next in line. 
          Yes, I was aggravated!

I was pretty ticked off when I finally saw the doctor and he spent a total of about 5 minutes with me.  Okay, okay...  I might be exaggerating a little bit.   It was probably more like 2 minutes!!  We were whisked out the door before I knew what was happening.  It wasn’t until I was almost home that my mind finally realized that my opportunity for questions was whisked out the door with me.  
          Yes, I was pretty ticked off!

I’m upset and frustrated because my foot hasn’t completely healed.    And to top it all off...   My favorite shoes can't be worn.   Flip-flops are a big fat NO! NO!  
          Yes, I'm upset & frustrated!

March 29, 2012

Limerick - Worried About Tomorrow

There once was an old lady who knew

That tomorrow she might be feeling blue

As the x-rays are read

She will be feeling such dread

What if she has to keep wearing the shoe?

March 28, 2012

In An Instant ~ Life As You Know It Can Change

It was a little over four weeks ago that a wonderful man was crushed by a huge piece of metal. The details...they aren’t happened in an instant and effected the lives of many forever.

For the past 4 weeks, his devoted wife was constantly beside him. The doctors provided little if any hope. She continued to pray and read God’s Word, knowing that her faith was in the Great Physician.  He had the power to heal no matter how grim the situation looked in the eyes of the doctors. 

As the days... then weeks passed... she continued to hold out for the miracle that she knew could only come from God.

Today, God chose to take him home. 

I can’t even begin to imagine the range of emotions that she is feeling right now.   Her husband  who shared such a huge part of her life, is suddenly gone. 

Our prayer has changed now; we pray that God will somehow bring comfort and peace to the family in this time of great loss and overwhelming grief.

Why does God allow this? Why didn’t He intervene? There aren’t any answers that I’m satisfied with, but I do find hope and comfort in scripture.

          "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; 
           and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, 
           nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: 
           for the former things are passed away"      (KJV)

 ~Revelation 21:4

March 27, 2012

Almost the Perfect Evening

     It was almost a perfect evening.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Definitely the type of weather your feet are screaming out to wear some flip-flops.

     We made plans to meet at a restaurant for our weekly family night. The food was the usual okay-ish and the dinner table conversation topics were shared with a mixture of emotions.  We saw friends at various tables throughout the restaurant that made our evening even more enjoyable.   

     After a couple of hours together, we prepared to go our separate ways.  We all find comfort in knowing that we will see each other again next week to catch up on each other’s lives.  But for me, something was missing.   

     My husband had decided to make other plans tonight.  He chose to go to a men’s fellowship dinner at the church.  

     I’m okay with that.  It just wasn’t the perfect evening.

March 26, 2012

Too Tired to Function

I don't even have the energy to write my slice today...

I’m beyond the normal exhaustion.

Grueling doesn't even to begin to describe what it was like today.

My lively students showed me no mercy!

The day seemed to be without end.

How I was able to survive without my afternoon nap is a mystery to me.

My eyes are drooping and my mind can't focus.

I’m done.


Good Night!

March 25, 2012

Last Day of Spring Break

Today is my last day of Spring Break. 
Where did time go for heaven sake?

I am definitely not ready to go back. 
Because mostly I just hung out in my shack! 

Almost every day it rained outside! 
Therefore I read books and sighed. 

Today the sun is shining bright. 
Somehow everything feels right!

March 24, 2012

My Autobiography at 8 Years Old!!!

When I was in second grade I wrote my autobiography.  This is the way I wrote it... my spelling...

The story of my lif 
I was barn in Ponk city. 
I am eght year old and I am in the sacunt grade I never have fall. 
I don’t like blony 
I don’t like saup 
I don’t like saled 
I don’t like liver 
I do like hamebugr. 
I do like Christmus candy. 
I do like school 
I do like peple 
I do like candy 
I do like cookies 
I do like techer 
I do like taders 
I do like green pes 
I do like boys and girls 
I like other thing 
I like to worsh dishs. 
I like to have a party. 
I wish for santa to come to our home 
I whish for evry one to have a happy Christmas and a happy new year. 

I love school be cas I lern. 
am glade when evey one has a happy Christmas I do like Ester. and Christmas is Jesus’s bith day and that is why I hope every one has a happy Christmas. 

I like to lirn soing I don’t like to mis school be cas I lern and when I gow up I can spell some words. I like to sing at choir be cas if I don’t go to choir I am not in the play and I will not no eny of the soings.  So I go to choir.  

I want to be a nerse or a thecher. but I think I will be a thecher but I hope so. 

I like Christmas be cas we get precunt and it Jesus’s birthday and at Christmas time we get to sevat Jesuse’s birthday at sudy school. at choir we have fun 

There you go... my autobiography of my life at the age of eight years old! I will treasure this book and love that my Mom saved it for me!

March 23, 2012

My Stab at Writing a Haiku

I hear it afar
The sound of a bird singing
He quickly soars by

I know why he sings
There is freedom in flying
His day brings new hope

March 22, 2012

New Blog on the Blogger

I know... I know...the blogging cops are probably waiting for me because I'm writing another post.  But maybe I could beg for mercy since I have missed several days along the way.  

I just couldn’t wait to share a new blog with all my blogging buddies. Her name is Mrs. Quimby and she teaches reading and writing to students in 1st-5th grade. I love reading and the title of her blog captured my attention immediately.  Notice... I didn't say I love writing.  Maybe she can teach me a thing or two about writing!

We all know what it’s like to be a new kid on the BLOG. So please head on over there and welcome her into the world of blogging.  




Driver’s License?

          Credit Cards?

               Gift Cards?





The list could go on and on.


The nurse said that's what happened to my Grandma.    

A young, sensitive, impressionable young girl should not have been told that someone she loved had simply expired ~ she needed another family member to be there ... to share her grief.  

Years later . . .  I detest that word.

E x p i r e d

March 21, 2012

Giveaways Galore! I'm NOT Kidding!

Wowzer!  Have you seen all of the amazing giveaways going on right now??   You seriously need to go and check them out for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!  Click on each button to sign up. 

Good luck!    (I'm just saying that to be polite...because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to win them all!!!)




Color Me Kinder

Slice of Life ~ 21 of 31

I’m loving Dropbox!    It’s like going to a magical place to write.  I can continue writing on any document I choose and it doesn't matter where I am!  I can use my laptop, my school computer, my husband’s computer, or our huge dinosaur desktop computer.   It’s like making a wish and ... open sesame... it is there!!!

Yesterday, I was writing in my personal journal and I remembered something that I had forgotten to add to my entry. My husband’s computer was right next to me on the couch, so I grabbed it and went to my Dropbox and there it was... like magic.... my precious journal... reaching out to me to give it more memories.

Nothing but awesomeness! I love being able to write anywhere ...using any computer and pick up where I left off  (maybe someday I will have an iphone!!).    It’s always there, patiently waiting for me.

If you haven’t tried Dropbox, I suggest you do! It will rock your world!  Click below, and your world as you know it will change!

March 20, 2012


  • Memories are a big part of who I am
  • Memories connect my siblings and I together
  • Memories are the who, what, when and where of my life
  • Memories are complicated ~ they can sometimes get muddled
  • Memories allow you to hold on
  • Memories can be lost and totally forgotten
  • Memories can cause a range of emotions
  • Memories can easily flow upon hearing a voice
  • Memories can be sparked by someone asking a question
  • Memories sometimes need to be shared
  • Memories can be triggered by a certain smell
  • Memories can flood your mind when looking at photos
  • Memories sometimes add just a bit of fantasy
  • Memories fade over time
  • Memories are a big part of who I am

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love,

the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”

~Kevin Arnold~

March 19, 2012

What Makes a Writer

I’ve never considered myself a writer. For the most part, I write things down that are probably of no interest to others. For years I have kept a journal... basically my written conversations with God. There are no rules about what I write down. It’s simply a mixture of my thoughts, poems, questions, lists, arguments, praise, etc. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It’s just my thoughts... written for no other eyes except mine.

Taking this Slice of Life challenge has been a whole new experience for me! Writing something that others might possibly read and then putting it out there for the world to see has definitely taken me unquestionably out of my comfort zone.

Amazingly I have enjoyed writing this daily slice of life. There have been days that I didn’t have any idea what I was going to write about ... then there were days that I would find myself thinking of random ideas, events, memories, etc. and could hardly wait to start typing the words I knew would flow easily.

So today, I sit here at my computer smiling about the possibilities that are waiting for me to write about.

March 18, 2012

Slice of Life ~ 18 of 31

Time has passed...and I have forgotten what they looked like. Of course I can describe them, but not with all the little details that I want so much to remember!

All those memories have somehow slipped away hidden inside my head. How could that have happened! I loved them so much!

As I begin to search through the huge piles of old photographs, I eventually realize that I don’t have what I need to see! There is not a picture that captures all the details I’m looking for.

Yet... they were so important, but there doesn’t seem to be a photo where they were captured beautifully.

Now I’m frustrated. Were they really not that important to anyone?

Today is just a another day of many in my life that I really miss them!

My parents were blessed with 7 children. A few years ago,  we decided to take a picture of all of us together.   I'm so glad we did, now we have a visual... not just a memory that has a tendency to fade as the years go by...   I'll treasure this photo forever.

We will never forget!

March 17, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 17 of 31

I was excited to read a message on my phone this morning! We’ve been invited to a cook-out today! Since it is Saint Patrick’s Day there apparently has to be potatoes of some kind on the menu. At least that is what the hostess of the party informed me.

Fortunately. . . I have a yummy potato recipe.

Unfortunately. . . I don’t have any of the ingredients I need to make it!

Fortunately, I live in the USA ~ where I know I’m free ~ to choose what I want to bring!!

Unfortunately. . . I read a post on a blog that my hostess friend wrote. She’s expecting those potatoes!

Fortunately, I still have time to go purchase the ingredients and make the recipe.

Unfortunately. . . I cannot find my billfold anywhere!

Fortunately, I have a small amount of cash hidden (sssh!!). 

Unfortunately. . . I will have to replace that money soon ~ before my husband notices! 

Fortunately, I confessed to my husband and he understood my dilemma.

Unfortunately. . . now I have to go and make those yummy potatoes ... wobbling on my broken foot!!!!

Fortunately, I’m looking forward to spending the evening with good friends!

Unfortunately. . . Fun evenings always have to come to an end sometime!

Life is full of many blessings 

don’t let the unfortunately ruin the fortunately!

March 16, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 16 of 31

I definitely need to spend some time putting away the variety of stacks that have accumulated throughout my house.
  • stacks of magazines that need to be sorted thrown away
  • stacks of laundry that have already been folded and put in neat files ... but are waiting patiently to be put away
  • stacks of papers that need to be graded
  • stacks of children’s books that need to be labeled before taking to my classroom
  • stacks of dishes that need to be put in the dishwasher
  • stacks of containers that need to be used to store my Christmas decorations
  • stacks of bills that need to be paid
  • stacks of I don’t know what on top of our pool table that needs to be put thrown away
  • stacks of cd’s that need to be put back in cases
  • stacks of books that need to go back to the public library
  • stacks of miscellaneous items that need to be returned to other people
  • stacks of tax information that needs to be taken to my sister so she can complete our taxes

Unfortunately about the only thing I don’t see around here is a stack of money.

March 15, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 15 of 31

In the front yard of my Grandma’s old rickety house, was a gate that could certainly have used a coat of silver paint.  I didn’t care ~ I just knew I loved that gate.

Looking back, I realize that it was just an ordinary gate. There was a bar that you had to maneuver to unlatch.  As it opened and closed it made a wonderful creaking sound caused by metal against metal.

But there was something about that ordinary gate that appealed to every single grandchild that came to visit Grandma.

Maybe it was the way our feet fit perfectly on the bar near the base of the gate.  Perhaps it was the way our arms could wrap around the rusty vertical bars or how we could s.t.r.e.t.c.h and reach the very top of the gate.

Yes, it was an ordinary gate.  But every grandchild was drawn to it like flies to honey.

There wasn't any reason to have a swing at Grandma's house!  We just used her wonderful gate! We could have spent hours out there swinging ~ back and forth ~ back and forth!!

I swear my Grandma must have had bionic ears! As soon as we got on that swing gate she would come running out the front door screaming. "Quit swinging on that gate!”

I can't even begin to count the times I heard those words coming out of my Grandma's mouth.  That little saying is etched in my head forever.  If I close my eyes, I can still hear the sound of the gate swinging and the voice of my Grandma!  

I don’t think there was a time in my life that I went to visit Grandma that I didn’t swing on her wonderful gate! I also knew that it was just a matter of time before my Grandma would be bursting through the front door with her famous words that us kids knew was definitely coming! “Quit swinging on that gate!”

Many years have passed since my "swinging gate" days.  A few years ago we stopped to see if anything was still standing at Grandma's house. I had to smile when I realized that about the only thing recognizable was my Grandma’s ordinary gate.  My sister and I couldn't resist.... we had to plant our feet on the bottom and swing on that ordinary gate.

"Quit swinging on the gate!"

March 14, 2012

I'm a Broken Down Mess

It’s been a little over six weeks since I broke my foot... but it seems like f.o.r.e.v.e.r!    I don’t think I will ever take for granted my ability to just get up and do something whenever I want to. The moment my foot was life the way I had always known it... was temporarily over! 

The first week I wasn't even smart enough to realize that it was broken... I thought I was just being my usual wimpy self... But the pain was too much for this baby to endure. 

A week after I first hurt it, I realized that there was definitely something going on there that wasn't right.  After finding out it was broken, I was kinda relieved. I’m serious! I finally knew that I had a reason to cry all the time! 

Looking back, I suppose cramming my horribly bruised and swollen foot into a shoe that felt 4 sizes too small probably wasn’t the most brilliant thing to do!  

After seeing the specialist and being assured I would heal without any type of surgery, I could finally breath again.  

Every day I pray that my foot continues to heal and that I don’t do anything stupid to cause any sort of setback! 

I’m looking forward to the day when I can finally start doing my morning run again. I’ve missed that soooo much!! 

Soon.... very soon.... I will be able to make my morning RUN to the quick-stop & grab a 32 oz. Coke to start my morning off the way it should!

March 13, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 13 of 31

It’s Tuesday night... will the tradition continue?

It started out as a weekly date night with my wonderful husband.

It quickly became pizza night with my niece and her adorable little boy.

After several weeks with just the four of us we began to call it family night.

Later, my baby sister and her husband joined in... but they grew tired of the weekly pizza. 

We started meeting at different restaurants.

My niece quit coming. It wasn’t pizza night anymore.

My older sister decided to join in on the weekly fun.

It was suggested that we meet at someone’s house once a month and everyone bring something.

This tradition started over 12 years ago and continues to go strong. For the most part, we all live our own lives and this routine has become a very special time for us to catch up on the events of the past week.  Throughout the years, family members have joined us randomly on our weekly “family night.”

For the most part it still happens almost every Tuesday. 

Unfortunately there are times that stuff just gets in the way.

....................extended family visits

Tonight is one of those nights that stuff just got in the way.  

So... it's back to a date night with my husband.   We’re having pizza.  Delivered.

March 12, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 12 of 31

Nothing can fulfill an indescribable longing in my heart sometimes except seeing my older sister. Today I yearned for the physical and visual contact that can only happen when we are together. 

 Nothing is really amiss in my life. It’s just an ordinary day. I just wanted to see my sister!  My remarkable sister who loves me no matter how many times I have messed up or have hurt her.

When my heart aches for her, a phone call would never do. I want her in the same room as me... within reach... caring... sharing... smiling... supportive ... accessible... sharing her life... conversing face to face about anything that comes to our minds... ready to listen to the events that have happened since we last talked. 

This evening I needed to feel the love, comfort and reassurance that can only come from someone that knows me so well. 

The wonderful thing about sisters is that you don’t even have to have a reason to stop by... you just know its okay.  

Sisters are all about love.  A treasure worth holding onto forever.

K-2 Linky Party

Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is hosting a Linky Party.  She is on a quest to find all those amazing  Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Bloggers.   

Click on the picture below to head on over there to get yourself linked up.  

I'm looking forward to discovering more amazing blogs!

Have fun blogging!

March 11, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 11 of 31

It’s that time of year when:
  • a variety of colors seem to burst forth from the once barren trees of winter 
  • pollen and mold spores begin to create chaos... causing the dreaded sneezing, stuffy nose, and itching 
  • heat and humidity, combined with the need to expose more skin, causes anguish if weight has been gained during the winter months 
  • feet that have been protected all winter long are eager to appear with nothing but flip-flops
  • robins begin to return singing their melodious morning songs 
  • bonfire length hot dog forks wait patiently for a beautiful day 
  • the drone of lawnmowers as they play a familiar song 

The list could go on...and on....

It's definitely that time of year again.

March 10, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 10 of 31

It’s been almost three months ... and I know the problem should have been dealt with already.  

I must admit that there are days that I really get tired of looking at it!   This morning I woke up knowing that this would be the day I would finally get it done.  

Containers are scattered throughout the house waiting to be filled. 

As I scan the house one last time before starting my project, I realize that it isn’t critically important that I take care of it today. I’ll attempt to do it next weekend. 

But until then, I’ll continue to watch the dust collect on my Christmas decorations.

March 9, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 9 of 31

I just love that someone invented the crock pot! Just toss in the seasoned roast, potatoes, onions, carrots, and the secret ingredient ~ mushroom soup ~ and my time in the kitchen is done! My relaxing afternoon was about to begin.

Oh no! I forgot the cake I had promised to make. I scurry off to the store to get the needed ingredients ... knowing that I was cutting it close! I couldn’t help but smile to myself. I knew I had avoided the look of undeniable disappointment that would have stared me in the face.

When I arrived home, I was totally unprepared for what I was about to experience. The aroma was powerful! The smell of the roast brought about memories of my mother preparing the roast for Sunday lunch. Those are precious memories that I will embrace forever. If only I could tell her one more time how much I loved her.

All of a sudden, I realized I needed to take care of something that has been heavy on my heart. I had to go and see my sweet “crazy lady.”

A short time later I delivered a hot meal and hugs I will treasure forever. We held hands and looked into each other’s eyes. There were no words for a few minutes, just more hugs.

As I left, I wept softly. I knew God had it all under control.  As I continued my short walk home, a scripture verse came to me which brought me comfort. 

Be still, and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

March 8, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 8 of 31

Most days I absolutely love my job!  But today I wasn’t feeling that usual abundance of love. 

This evening I’m reflecting on some of the decisions that were made in the classroom.  I'm just so glad that tomorrow is a brand new day!   

There was one treasured moment that I will definitely be adding to my book of First Grade Precious Moments.    

One of my sweet little girls showed me her reading log and was bubbling over with excitement.  As I was signing & updating her log she started a conversation with me.  The dialogue went something like this:

Sweet Girl:   "I can not believe how many 100s I have gotten in a row!"  (giggle)

Me:               "I know! You are doing awesome!"

Sweet Girl:   "Yes, I’m pretty amazing!" (grinning 
                     from ear to ear)

She wasn’t bragging.  Just stating a fact.   I couldn’t help by smile as she hugged me. 

It’s moments like these that I cherish and hold on to... on days like today... when I’m not really feeling the love.

March 7, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 7 of 31

As I sit here in my comfortable lounger, I’m sneaking  looks at my hubby. 

He is totally engrossed in watching reruns of Coach and is completely unaware of being watched.    I love to watch him when he doesn’t know I’m looking at him! 

My eyes slowly move across his face studying every inch of it.  Usually I find something that I never noticed before.  Today I noticed that he has an indentation in his ear ~ I wonder if it has always been there.

I have several nicknames for him but one of my favorites is “tin man.”  

Today I’m feeling so blessed that my “tin man” chose me to be the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.  He tells me that he’s the lucky one (but I know for a fact that I’m the lucky one).

Thanking God ... for the love of my life ~ my tin man...

March 6, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 6 of 31

For the last week, I have been trying to persuade myself that I need to go visit a sweet lady in my church.  It’s not like it’s out of my way, she only lives a few houses away from me.  She is the first person that welcomed me at my new church.    She just has that special way of making you feel welcome and we always manage to find each other so can we can get our hugs! 

I have a habit of classifying people in categories.  She immediately was classified as “crazy lady” ~ I think the Lord must have drawn us together, because I was missing the “crazy lady” at my old church.  She sees the world in colors that I don’t see and could never fully understand.   I immediately knew that I was going to love this lady!  

A few weeks ago her daughter died.  That same week, she found out that she has cancer and they are not expecting her to live more than a couple of weeks.   

I don’t like to be around death.  I cry.  How can I go over there and keep myself together.  I’ve got to go see her.  My crazy lady...  

March 5, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 5 of 31

For the past hour I have been sitting here staring at my  blank screen.  

I’m having one of those days that I’m unable to express what’s inside.   Have you ever had those times in your life when there is just an abundance of sadness in your life ~ that’s where I am at now.   

My thoughts ~ as jumbled as they are ~ are going to have to stay inside ~ until they are ready to surface.  

March 4, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 4 of 31

My husband sometimes shares things that happen in the Sunday School class that he helps to co-teach.  Usually it is about how I would have handled some type of discipline problem.  

But today... it was different.  He had asked them a question and he was surprised at their unanimous answer.  Here is the question he asked them:

Is the death of Jesus or the resurrection of Jesus more important?

I knew instantly what my answer was.  I told him my thoughts and gave him what I felt was a perfectly valid argument to support my answer.  My husband looked at me as if I had gone over to the dark side.     

Finally...we agreed to disagree.  

March 3, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 3 of 31

I tried. I promise I really did! But my thoughts kept going back to the disaster that I knew was waiting for me.

I knew I had to face it soon, so I decided to bite the bullet and deal with the issues that I knew might be waiting for me.

As I walked in, I sensed that things might not have went smoothly yesterday. A quick glance confirmed that I was correct in my thinking ~ I needed to take care of several things here.

After several hours, I glanced around the room and felt somewhat satisfied. I knew that I could now go home and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

My classrooms ready for Monday.   I still don’t have my lesson plans done for next week ~ I have tomorrow to worry about them.


March 2, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 2 of 31

The parking lot of the restaurant that our friends had told us so much about was jam-packed.  It was then that we realized that they were right, this had to be one of the best places around to get the promised “home cooked” meal.

After placing our order, we waited patiently for our food to arrive.  After awhile, I mentioned to my husband that I was absolutely starving!   He reminded me that we were not at a fast food restaurant and it would take longer.  Of course I knew he was right.   I pictured in my mind how long it usually takes me to prepare a tossed salad, chicken fried steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and hot rolls.  Yes... I needed to be patient. 

Finally, the much anticipated food arrived.  After thanking the waitress, we held hands, bowed our heads and I heard my husband start to pray.  During the prayer, I have to be honest, I wasn’t listening very well.  I was thinking about the food.   

Finally, it was time to eat.  My mouth was watering and I tried my first bite of the meat.  It had a hint of being warm.   Then I tried my potatoes.  Definitely not warm.  My last hope was in my green beans.  Cold!!   Surprisingly though, the rolls were HOT!

We left the restaurant hungry and disappointed. 

A few miles down the road we pulled into a parking lot that only had a few other cars parked in it ~ but there was a very familiar sign outside.  Our food was hot and we left happy and satisfied. 

But I still have this craving...for chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and hot rolls. 

Maybe the best home cooked meals are really cooked at home!

March 1, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 1 of 31

I decided to take the challenge of writing every single day during the month of March.  (yikes!)   I'm very nervous about slicing, but I'm going to plunge ahead!!!  This is my first slice.  
Driving to work is one of my favorite parts of the day ~ a quiet time that is usually spent with just God ~ praying ~ thinking ~ singing ~ admiring God’s marvelous beauty.   

This morning however, things were different.  For the first time since my mother died, I drove her car.   My mind was full of scattered thoughts from a mixture of events that occurred this week.  I was having a moment of questioning God ~ wondering why he would take an unborn baby from his mom and the family that was eagerly awaiting her arrival.  Tears were beginning to flow as I grieved for the family and their precious baby girl.   

My thoughts drifted to my mom and how much I truly miss her.   I began to realize that there was music playing softly on the radio. When I realized the song that was playing I began to weep uncontrollably.   The song ~ “I Can Only Imagine” ~ one of the songs that was played at my mom’s funeral.   I began to realize that God through his grace and mercy was giving me comfort through that song.   

I can only imagine 

What it will be like 

When I walk 
By your side ...