February 29, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Good grief!  How do you guys do this!  I have been trying to figure out how to do the random number generator for the last hour or so!!    Then there was the problem of posting the number.  Geez.... I'm sure there is an easier way than the torture I put myself through.   

Without any further complaining... I want to say THANK YOU for helping me feel like my first giveaway was a success!    Here are the results:

Congratulations to:

Please email me so I can get your winnings to you!

Tick Tock... Tick Tock - It's over at 8:05 Central Time

My very first giveaway ends at 8:05 Central Time.  You can't put it off much longer.

Hurry!!!    Hurry!!!   Hurry!!!   You definitely don't want to miss your chance to win a $20 Gift Card from one of my favorite places:


and also up for grabs is an awesome unit from:

Check out all the important (and easy) details here.

February 28, 2012

Giveaway - Here today...Gone Tomorrow...

W~O~W!!!   I have over 200 followers! Does it kinda sound like I'm bragging? Well, maybe a tiny bit, but I’m so excited!!!!  I know that some of you are my followers only because I cried, pleaded, and made a complete fool of myself, but I’m totally okay with that! You guys are awesome. To thank everyone I'm (finally) having my FIRST giveaway!!!  I don’t like to have parties, so I’m really nervous... What if nobody comes????? I know what I will do ... CRY!!! ... but it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!!!!!

For those that showed up, here’s what I’m offering. How about a $20 Amazon Gift card??


wait for it...wait for it... 

My teaching partner over at 

is helping me out!!! She always has awesome parties and I knew she would want to help me out on my very first blogging party. And she did!!!! She is going to give away a unit that she just finished!! Trust me you are going to want to win this one!!!   Here is a tiny peek.

You will want this unit immediately...so this is going to be a very short giveaway. 24 hours!!! Yikes!!!! So, here’s what you need to do.

Once you have met all the above requirements, please leave one comment to let me know. Don’t forget to include your email. 

For 2 additional entries blog about our giveaway (leave 2 separate comment with a link so I can admire your post!!)

That’s it. You gotta move quick on this one.

Good luck!!

February 25, 2012

Boy! Did You Miss Out!!! ~ Dr. You Know WHO Freebie

I read my email this morning and realized that I was the winner of Green Eggs and Ham Contractions from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure.   Thank you Mrs. H ~ What a wonderful start to a morning.   If you haven't checked out her blog, please do ~ and give her a bit of love while you are there.  If she's like the rest of us, she would probably love to have more followers. Maybe I can even get her to follow me!!!

I'm still preparing lessons for next week.  I love Dr. Seuss & all his wonderful books  (well except for a few of his books that I just can't bring myself to read again...and again...and again!)  Here is a freebie for sentence scrambles.  Just click on any of the pictures to download.

Enjoy your weekend!!

February 20, 2012

Enlarging my Couch Imprint ~ and GIVEAWAYS~~

I'm kinda very torn on what I need to do.  Should I ... or ... should I just forget about it?  What to do, what to do!!!  Okay, I'll do it, but I want you to know it is really not in my best interest to do this!!!  

This weekend while I was deepening (and most likely widening) the imprint in my comfy chair, I found a relatively new blog to stalk ~ First Grade Bloomabilities.    Lisa is a first grade teacher as well as an author and is having an awesome chapter book series giveaway.  There are 6 books in the set!!  She doesn't say that they will be autographed...but maybe we can talk her into it!!!!  

Click on the picture below to head on over to her sight.  She has a TPT store with lots of  items that you will also want to check out.  Give her some love while you are there!!!  March 1st is when it is all over, so don't procrastinate!

Ashley, over at Flying High in High Heels is also having herself a giveaway.  She is celebrating 50 followers.  A $15 itunes gift card is the prize!  I have several songs that I have had on my wish list for quite some time ~ so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this one.  Click on her button to head on over there.  Good luck!

Flying High in First

Another giveaway is happening over with Miss Trish at First Grade Frosting (isn't that name just adorable???) The lucky winner wins their choice of either a St. Patrick’s Day or Dr. Seuss Literacy Center. It ends on the 29th ~ so don't wait too long!

Keri over at Teach~Play~Smile is celebrating 100 followers by giving away TWO $10 gift certificates to Teachers Pay Teachers.  I really really need this!  If you think you might be able to use it too, click on her button to go and enter.  


February 18, 2012

Dr. You Know WHO - ABC Order Freebie

If you haven't already discovered  The 3AM Teacher's blog you need to do so... IMMEDIATELY.  She has quickly found a place in my heart.  I absolutely fell in love with her Dr. Seuss stuff!!!  Love Love Love it!!!!   For the last couple of hours I've have been playing... and then playing some more.   Wondering what to make...what to make... hmmmm

Since my firsties are continuing to struggle with ABC order, this is a couple of pages of what I ended up with.

Mrs. Bainbridge is hosting a Seuss linky party. If you looking for some cute Seuss ideas, click on the picture below which is will take you to a list of bloggers and links to their awesome creations. She is also hosting a giveaway for some Seuss stuff, so head on over there to join the fun.

February 13, 2012

Currently February... F I N A L L Y ! ! ! !

Normally I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for Farley to post CURRENTLY. But this month has been kinda crazy!!! But finally...today... I'm setting things right ~ and I think I am almost caught up with my postings.   Hopefully I'm not the last one to post their February Currently  (I hate being last ~ reminds me of times when I was always picked last ~ wait that still happens!!!)  If you haven't linked up yet, head on over there!

You Know You're A Teacher When...

A SNOW DAY is good for so many things. (I warned you!!!) I have so many things to catch up on!!!

Next on my list is a linky party that Jeannie at Kindergarten Lifestyle is hosting. Here are my contributions to her party.

These could go on forever...but I'll stop here and continue to catch up...

Snow Day!!!!! & What Do You Love

Today I was rudely awakened by my phone ringing.  NO SCHOOL TODAY!!   I must confess I'm having mixed emotions about it.  I knew the snow was going to be challenging for me and my broken foot. But I knew it was doable!  (I think!!!)  On the other hand... tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am about as unprepared as a teacher can be.  No sacks decorated, no reminder note to parents of items they signed up to bring, no lessons plans ready (cutting, printing, etc).  Do you understand my dilemma now??

Nothing I can do about it now, so I'm going to spend some time blogging and catching up.  I might be breaking all kinds of blogging etiquette today, so I will go ahead and warn you about that. If the blogging cops show up, I'm going to demand to see my signature stating I was going to abide by those rules.

First, Kimberly at Funky First Grade Fun had a linky party that I never got around to joining.  Hope it's not too late to join.

February 5, 2012

Wee Wee Weeeeeeeee

Friday we celebrated our 100th day of school.    Unfortunately I do not have pictures to share, but I have a short funny.  The kiddos made necklaces from fruit loops.  The ends were taped to their desks to prevent a big mess.  All of a sudden I heard one of my boys say "Look! It's a zip line!"  Seconds later, there was an outbreak of  "wee wee weeeeeeeeee!"   I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants!

Now on to my foot drama that started last Sunday evening.   I decided that the pain in my foot was not getting any better.  So...after church, my husband took me to Urgent Care.   I walked wobbled to the x-ray machine and had to put my foot in positions that only made me want to scream.  I returned to my room, only to be asked to go back again, because the machine wasn't working properly.  Are you kidding me.  But I just smiled and said SURE!!!

Anyways, an hour later the doctor came in with news I was not expecting.  It is broken!  What!  What!  Apparently it is a bad break.  Instead of  a break across the bone, its is lengthwise & is he called it a spiral break and it takes forever to heal those kind of breaks.  There was nothing that they could do for me so they were making an appointment for me with an orthopedic specialist.

Things started going blurry for me after that...  Everything started spinning, I broke out in a sweat, I knew that I was going to faint if I didn't lie down and I felt like I was only moments away from puking.  I grabbed the clipboard the doctor had with all my information on it, the doctor grabbed the trash can  and put it within easy reach.  My husband was absolutely no help!  He started laughing, but I don't really know what he said to the doctor.   But the doctor turned and left...never to be heard from again.  

I was given a $20 open-toed shoe to wear, a prescription for a walker, and told to put absolutely NO pressure on my foot.   Now, I'll wait by my phone to get the call for my appointment.

And as if that is not enough bad news for me ... I am so so so sad!!  My awesome teaching partner and I had made exciting plans to spend the entire day Friday with Diane & Kelly over at Made for 1st Grade!!!!  What an opportunity to spend the day with them!!!! Darn the luck!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can all reschedule.  If you haven't checked their blog out you need to do so!

February 2, 2012

Why Me Lord???? and also ... What's Not Wrong...

It's definitely all my husbands fault. I told him not to park across the street from our church on Sunday night...did he listen??? NO!!!! So...after church was over we started walking towards our car and that's when it happened. I walked right off the curb like it wasn't even there. Which of course, left me scrambling to grab on to something...anything... Luckily my husband was able to grab me and so I didn't fall and make a complete fool of myself.

Unfortunately, my foot did some really weird stuff when I landed on it!!! I am a big baby. Seriously!!! I don't like pain and it doesn't take much pain to make me cry. But oh my goodness it hurt... and throbbed...and swelled...and bruised...made me feel faint... nauseated, etc... I probably should have went to the doctor. But, that's another thing about me. I don't like 'em. They always give me medicine that make me puke! So, I'm healing (I hope)... but it is not fun. 


But even through all my pain, I can still find plenty of things that aren't wrong. So... to get my mind off of the pain of my stupid foot, I'm going to think positive and try to think of 5 things in my life that aren't wrong. If you decide to join, copy and paste the picture and link up over at Carried Away In ... KINDERGARTEN!

  • Being blessed with the bestest teaching buddy in the world that is always, always, ALWAYS there for me is NOT wrong!   She has the sweetest spirit of anyone I know.  If she reads this, she will probably tell me to quit crying!!!  Guess what she did?  She volunteered to do my duties today for me.  Two of them!!!! She definitely saved me from crying like a baby today.  I love her!
  • Having a husband that waits on me during my time of need is NOT wrong.  I think deep down he feels a tiny bit guilty for what happened.  Or maybe that is wishful thinking.  Whatever the case, I adore him for always being there for me.
  • Taking the day off Monday and staying in bed to let my foot attempt to heal was NOT wrong.  I wish I could say that I did something useful like read, blog, watch TV, but I was so heavily drugged, I don't remember anything.
  • Wishing that my brother-in-law would call and cancel his stay with us this weekend is NOT wrong.  My house is a total wreck and I am not going to wobble around to try and pick anything up to make his stay more comfortable. 
  • Wishing that today was Friday is NOT wrong.  I don't really like to wish my life away, but I am so ready for a weekend of doing absolutely nothing.

So that's it. My life as I know it this week.   Tomorrow is the 100th day.  I wish I could say that I'm really excited about it.  But I'm not.  I just hope the kids have fun as I try to avoid them stepping on my feet.