February 1, 2016

The Atonement by Beverly Lewis

Book Description: 

Jah, Lucy thought.  Tobe would have known what to say.

"But what would he say to
 me if he knew the truth?" she murmured into her hands, leaning on the desk.

Alas, that was something she could not afford to find out.

The mistakes of the past haunt Lucy Flaud, now twenty-five and beyond Amish courting age. Instead, Lucy focuses on volunteering in both the Plain and fancy communities of Lancaster County. Yet no matter how hard she strives, she never feels she's doing enough. Then her father strikes up an unexpected friendship with an
 Englischer in search of a simpler way of life. Lucy forms a connection of her own with the thoughtful young man even as she rejects courtship with her longtime Amish friend. Is it too late to embrace redemption . . . and the power of love?

My Thoughts:

Lucy is a young lady that is having a difficult time dealing with her past.  Her emotional struggle within has been a part of her for quite some time.  She deals with the struggle within by always trying to stay busy with her volunteer work.  Lucy is no different than so many of us who try to make up for the things we did in the past by trying to do make up for by the things we do now. 

This book is a simple book but left me with so many thoughts that left me wondering about so many things.  It spoke to my heart in so many ways!  Throughout the story, my heart yearned for Lucy to find the redemption that she needed.  If you are looking for a heart-warming story about love and forgiveness, then this is a book worth considering.  😊o very different walks of life - can somehow find a new beginning?

Disclosure:  Disclosure statement:  I received this complimentary book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions are my own.