June 18, 2017

Naeir! Oh My!!!!

A few weeks ago I posted that I wanted to accomplish several things this summer and I thought posting might make me be more accountable.   Nope... it didn't work.  Instead I have developed an addiction... to a website can Naeir!!

Apparently I signed up a while back and was approved to purchased items but I never even checked it out... Until a few weeks ago...

Now I'm hooked.  It's crazy... being drawn to things that I could really use in my classroom and they seem so cheap... and they are... well... some of  them...

But now... my checking account is empty...and I must quit visiting that website before it becomes an addiction that I can't overcome.  I've read comments from other teachers on Facebook... apparently it is an issue for other teachers as well...lol

That's it...I quit!!!

June 5, 2017


School has already been out for my over 2 weeks and I have did absolutely nothing!  I have a list of things that I promised myself that I would do this summer so I better get motivated pretty soon!
I love making lists, so maybe creating a list here will make me be more productive.  J
My goals for this summer are to:
vRead books for pure enjoyment! 
vWake up and walk 1st thing in the morning before it gets too hot
vLose 15 pounds before school starts
vPractice my clarinet at least 3 times every week
vGet caught up on my daily Bible reading plan and stay caught up!
vOrganize my pictures on my computer OH MY!!! What a mess
vBlog at least once a week!!!
vStay completely away from school!!!
vSpend lots of time out at our lake with friends and family!
vGo through my closet and give/throw away a bunch of items that are just taking up space
vPaint my Kitchen & Bathroom
vMove everything from my broken computer to my new one and GET RID OF A BUNCH OF FILES THAT I NEVER USE!!
vLearn how to use a camera that I have had for a couple of years!

Okay!  That is just a few of the things I want to try to accomplish!  Wish me luck!