June 14, 2012

Layers of Heartache

It is almost impossible to believe that it has been 3 years since my mother passed away.  I don’t think it is possible to understand the layers upon layers of heartache that I've felt unless you have lost someone that was such a vital part of your life.   It is a loss beyond words.  Today my heart aches for my mom just like it did 3 years ago. 

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  1. Sadly, it is possible for me to understand the layers and layers of heartache that you feel. I'm so sorry about your mom. This December will be 19 years since my beloved father passed away (at 57 years young) and not a day goes by that my heart does not ache for him. Hugs to you...

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. I'm so sorry you lost your mom. I count my blessings every day for my parents. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. Your mom is surely smiling at you from above and loving that she left behind such a beautiful legacy in you.

    The Corner On Character

  3. That song is such a sweet tribute. I lost my mom in 1995, it does get easier as time passes, but I've been sad that my mom never got to meet my sweet daughter. I think she would have brought her joy.

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so sorry that you are experiencing such a heartache. Just know that she is shining down upon you and watching after you. Hang in there.
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. What a sweet video! It is evident that she loved her family. She must have been so proud of you! Embrace your memories and hold them close. Thanks for sharing this with us!


  6. I am struggling with these fresh feelings as I mourn the loss of my dad who passed about a month ago...

    Thoughts & prayers to you on this day and beyond!

    Carried Away in Kindergarten

  7. My thoughts are with you! I, sadly, too lost my mother. I was only 12. That was 12 years ago now. It becomes easier to deal with but does not mean it hurts any less.

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists