July 1, 2016

Stop Looking!!! Oriental Trading Probably Has It!

Summer is definitely in fully swing here in the state of Oklahoma!  As a teacher, I truly enjoy my summer breakwellexcept for the blazing hot days!!  In the month of July, my family will be having our annual family reunion.  We decided to have it at a private lake (really a pond) where there is absolutely no air conditioning. Crazy I knowbut that pretty much sums up my family.

As I searched the internet trying to find fun activities for our reunion, I knew that Oriental Trading would be one of my favorite places to look for ideas and products.  They have so many cute ideas and quite affordable.  I found a few items that are definitely going to work for this outdoor get together.  Let me tell you about a few of my favorite things I saw:

After I typed in “Reunion” in the search box I was pleasantly surprised.  Have you ever heard of an inflatable buttet?  Oh my goodness this is such a great idea!  

Getting everyone to eat at the same time is always a problem at our reunions. This is exactly what we will need.  All you do is fill the inflatable with ice. put your containers of food in itand the food will stay chilled for hours.  Yes I am definitely ordering one of these babies!

Throughout the heat of the day we will have so many activities happening.  We will definitely need a few Water Toys throughout the day to entertain us and help us survive the heat. I think these Neon Grip Squirt Guns might do the trickor at least cool us off a bit!!

The little ones, the old folks and everyone in between will definitely enjoy feeling the squirt of cool water during the heat of the day.  Oh yes... they are a must!

For some reason we have never thought of having BUBBLES!  I think they will definitely be a big hit for all!  And of course... if you are going to get bubblesyou might as well go big!!!  Take a look at these Huge Wands! 

I have such a crazy familythere is absolutely no telling what kind of game/torture we will think of implementing with these long tubes filled with bubbles!!!

Outdoor Games have always been a huge part of our summer family gatherings!  As a matter of fact, several of us are in the process of making a few oversized outdoor games that will definitely bring out the competitive side of some of us!!!  I came across these Large Yahtzee Dice and I think they will be a HUGE hit!  Now all I have to do is find a cute bucket to put them in. 

Oh my goodness there are so many other summer fun items that you need to check out at Oriental Trading!  What are you waiting for... go check out all the summer fun ideas!

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