April 14, 2017

To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden

I decided to start my 4-day weekend with a book.   Have you read any of Elizabeth Camden's books?  She is a Christian author and I've officially added another author to my favorite's list.

        This historical love story was a quick read for me.   I found myself totally engrossed and finished it quickly.   Janet Bennett is a nurse that worked at the Presido Army Base when she meets Ryan Gallagher.   In the brief time they are together, they quickly fall in love and start planning their life together.
        Suddenly, Ryan tells Janet that he is leaving and is unable to give her any information about where he is going and when he will return.  Something didn’t seem quite right to her but there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.   He tried to reassure her that he would be back soon and they would get married and spend their life together.
        Ryan promises he will try to write and he did... one time...  apologizing for leading her to believe they had a future and wished her the best. (Wow!) 
        Six year later he returns to the Presidio and needs her help! Janet is filled with raw emotions and doesn't know quite what to do.  There continues to be a cloud of mystery that surrounds Ryan's life that Janet doesn't understand. Will she help him?  Should she help him?  You will have to read the book to find out!    
        This book is a good read! I’m looking forward to reading other books by Elizabeth Camden.

I received an ebook of To the Farthest Shores by Elizabeth Camden from Bethany House Publishers and in exchange I have written my honest review of this book. 

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