June 5, 2017


School has already been out for my over 2 weeks and I have did absolutely nothing!  I have a list of things that I promised myself that I would do this summer so I better get motivated pretty soon!
I love making lists, so maybe creating a list here will make me be more productive.  J
My goals for this summer are to:
vRead books for pure enjoyment! 
vWake up and walk 1st thing in the morning before it gets too hot
vLose 15 pounds before school starts
vPractice my clarinet at least 3 times every week
vGet caught up on my daily Bible reading plan and stay caught up!
vOrganize my pictures on my computer OH MY!!! What a mess
vBlog at least once a week!!!
vStay completely away from school!!!
vSpend lots of time out at our lake with friends and family!
vGo through my closet and give/throw away a bunch of items that are just taking up space
vPaint my Kitchen & Bathroom
vMove everything from my broken computer to my new one and GET RID OF A BUNCH OF FILES THAT I NEVER USE!!
vLearn how to use a camera that I have had for a couple of years!

Okay!  That is just a few of the things I want to try to accomplish!  Wish me luck!  

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