September 26, 2017

Monster Party with Oriental Trading

Every year I try to do something fun for our fall party in my first grade classroom.  This year I decided to have a MONSTER DAY!!!  I had so much fun trying to find fun ideas (that can be made educational) from Oriental Trading that I think they are going to LOVE!  They have so many monster ideas and it was so hard to pick.  I finally decided on these fun things.

Monster Bean Bag Toss Game – I am going to set this game up at a math center.  Students will throw a bean bag to knock over the plastic cans.  Students will add up the number of cans they knock over using the color key for the different colors of the cans.  Aren’t these little monster cans CUTE!  I will be using these for several other activities during the school year as well.  

Monster Weaving Mat Craft Kit – These will be a perfect addition to our Monster Party.  The only preparation I will need to do is it tear the perforated paper apart  and put in a container at our art center.  Easy Peasy…Lemon Squeezy!  I'm so glad that I did one of these ahead of time... Now I know I need to tear these apart before the party.  

Monster Piñata – It doesn’t get much cuter than this to use for decorating my classroom for our Monster Party.  I just have to figure out how to make sure all 24 of my students get a chance at hitting it before it breaks.  Instead of filling it with candy, I’m painting 24 small film canisters (Yeah! I finally found a way to use them!!) and then adding a Tattoo monsters into each of them. 

Monster Pencils – We will start our day by writing a monster story using the Tattoo Monster from our Piñata and a cute Monster Pencil!! These pencils are hard to sharpen in my regular pencil sharpener because of the coating that is on them.  But I have a hand turned pencil sharpener that works great on these pencils.  There are 6 different designs for the Tattoos and I'm sure my kiddos will have a favorite.

And of course… what party would be complete without food & decoractions.

Goofy Monster Head Lollipops – Super cute!  I really want to try them…but I only have 2 boxes (12 in a box)… and I have exactly 24 students.  There are 6 different designs and they are different flavors.  Yummo!

Mini Monster Luncheon Napkins & Monster
 Party Paper Dinner Plates – A monster party definitely needs to have monster napkins and plates!!!  They are so cute!  My kiddos are going to be so excited to use them. I love that they are very sturdy and the napkins were bigger than I was expecting.  

Mini Monster Cupcake Liners with Picks – I have a friend that makes awesome cakes and she has volunteered to make the cupcakes for my party. All I have to do it add these monster picks when I get them to school.  I think I will be more excited than the kiddos!!!  The liners are different colors and go perfectly with the monster theme.

Eyeball Gummy Candy – Monsters and eyeballs... they go together RIGHT!!!  I had to have someone try them out... Isn't he about the cutest thing you have seen all day!  He said they were delicious and wanted more!

That's it!  I am so excited about this party and can hardly wait to see the expressions on the faces of my students when they walk into our classroom on MONSTER DAY!    

You still have a littler over a month to get ready for you Halloween Party!  Please give  Oriental Trading a quick look... you will love their variety as well as quick deliveries.  

 Disclaimer:  I recieved the above products from Oriental Trading in exchange for my honest opinion of their products.

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