December 7, 2011

Mrs. Obama is Gorgeous

Today our counselor came into our class for her weekly visit.  She tried to get them all excited by telling them that she had a big surprise for them.  (I could have told her that was a big mistake!!!  That's a different story though)    She tried to refresh their memories of something special that happened here at school when they were in kindergarten.  Blank looks from everyone  (me included).   I wanted to be helpful... but to be truthful I didn't have a clue what she was talking about.

Finally.... she was able to drag out of them the information that she needed.   After this information was finally out in the open and the kids adamantly said they remembered what she was talking about (sure they did!!!) ... anyways  she shows them a large envelope with the return address of the White House on it.   She asked them who lived at the White House.    Yeah!!! My kiddos know!!!!!     One little girl immediately says that she got a letter from the white house yesterday too!!!!  The Counselor pretends not to hear that statement and moves on.

The questioning continues.... She asked them what his name was...  I'm sitting there so proud because I know they know this answer!!!   Hands are waving like crazy in the air.  Finally one of my kids can't stand it anymore and yells out the answer.  George Washington!!!!!!!   Sadly, most of the other kids agreed.  Okay, well, maybe we need to go over that George Washington isn't the President forever.

Anyways.... She continues sharing all her wonderful things in the sack (which the kids don't seem to be too impressed with by the way...especially since she can't give them to them because she doesn't have enough...another story as well)   Finally, she takes out the prize, a picture of the Obama family.  One little boy in the back says "She is gorgeous!"  Seriously!!!!  Several other boys said she is beautiful!!!   Nobody notices the cute dog!!  or the cute kids.... just how GORGEOUS  Mrs. Obama was!    You gotta love First Graders!!!! :-)


  1. It is amazing what kids will say!

  2. Ha ha! Too funny. Most of my kids don't even know we live in Canada. I try and try and try .... :)

    BTW, you've been awarded the Liebster Blog award. It's being passed on to up-and-coming blogs. Have a GREAT day!

    Grade ONEderful

  3. How sweet! I just love first graders!