February 13, 2012

Snow Day!!!!! & What Do You Love

Today I was rudely awakened by my phone ringing.  NO SCHOOL TODAY!!   I must confess I'm having mixed emotions about it.  I knew the snow was going to be challenging for me and my broken foot. But I knew it was doable!  (I think!!!)  On the other hand... tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am about as unprepared as a teacher can be.  No sacks decorated, no reminder note to parents of items they signed up to bring, no lessons plans ready (cutting, printing, etc).  Do you understand my dilemma now??

Nothing I can do about it now, so I'm going to spend some time blogging and catching up.  I might be breaking all kinds of blogging etiquette today, so I will go ahead and warn you about that. If the blogging cops show up, I'm going to demand to see my signature stating I was going to abide by those rules.

First, Kimberly at Funky First Grade Fun had a linky party that I never got around to joining.  Hope it's not too late to join.


  1. Congrats on your snow day! I wish we would get one around here :) I also love to lay in bed and read when it's raining/thundering outside, it's so comforting. Hope you get everything ready for tomorrow :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  2. Enjoy your day. :)


  3. Jealous! It has been a CRAZY day here! We have had NO snow days all year... which is so weird! :) Have a great day off!


    Carried Away in Kindergarten