April 3, 2012

My Crazy Lady Will Be Missed

     Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement at my crazy lady’s house.  When I realized it was her husband, my first instinct was to turn and go into the house, but I knew there was a need there that we could help meet.

     My husband and I walked the short distance to their home.  When he saw us, we were immediately greeted with a warm smile but his eyes revealed an unbearable sadness.  His voice broke as he 
told us that she was not responding verbally anymore.  He started walking toward the house and insisted that we go in to see her. 

     I was quickly feeling a sense of dread...

     I knew things were going to be heartbreaking and I was not comfortable going inside, but I continued to follow him. He tenderly shook her shoulder, telling her that she had  company. 

     Her eyes opened and she looked around... but her eyes were not focused on anything. As I looked down at her, I knew there was nothing I could say. I reach for her hand and leaned down to kiss her forehead.  It was then that I saw a tear slowly emerged from her eyes. I tried hard to control the tears, but the dam had completely broke!

     As we walked back home, a neighbor hollered at us about how much in love we looked as we walked holding hands. I looked up at her and smiled, but I was deep in thought about how the love of this man’s life would soon depart from this earth.

     She died early the next morning.

          I’m going to deeply miss my crazy lady.


  1. Your post was filled with such feeling. I'm so sorry for the loss.

  2. Sad...and in some ways not because you got to visit with her just a few short days ago...because you got to say goodbye...because you shared a special bond...because you shared a faith that says this is not the end of the journey...but I am sorry for you loss.

  3. Awww...I'm so sorry. I'm praying for you and her husband.

  4. Your post touched me. We used to love across the street from a crazy lady. One day our dog got out of the yard and she took her in. She was a huge animal lover - that was where she connected. When we went to retrieve our dog, she didn't want to come home! She loved the crazy lady. We loved herr too! My husband started taint care of her yard and shoveling her snow and our dog always wanted to go over. We were sad when she passed away too.