May 20, 2013

A Sad Day In Oklahoma

Today was the 1st day of my summer break.  I had planned on packing up my room and completing all the necessary end of the year stuff.  That came to an abrupt stop when I received a text from my sister that my brother's house was right in the path of the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  I prayed immediately for protection for him and his family.   Within a few minutes I received another text.  His house was hit.  Nothing more. He was finally able to send another text to let us know that he and his family were safe.  His house received property damage, but a 1/2 block away every house was leveled.   

I've spent the afternoon glued to the TV.  The tears just continue to flow for those  that have lost loved ones, their homes, businesses, pets, and for those that have no idea where their loved ones are.    

It is such a sad day in Oklahoma!


  1. It is absolutely heartbreaking :( I live in a suburb of OKC and we had to shelter our kids at the end of the day as a precaution. I can't imagine knowing that we were right in the path :( your brother, along with all those affected, is in my prayers.

  2. The devestation is just unbelievable. I teach in OKC and we had all of our schools under lockdown just as Moore did. With a tornado that strong, there isn't a good place to take cover except underground. I've been fighting tears all afternoon while watching the news.

    So glad your brother is OK!

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  3. I thought of you right away. This is just horrific ... there are no words. Prayers coming your way ... for strength, for peace, for healing.


  4. Sending prayers your way.