June 11, 2013

Currently Breaking My Sabbatical

Several years ago I had to quit Facebook for awhile.  I think I was addicted to it.  Well... I don't know if it was an addiction, but it took up way to much of my time.  I deactivated my account. Wow!  I had so much time on my hands, but I missed knowing what was happening with my family and friends...so after about 6 long months, I joined the world of Facebook again.  However, I found that I rarely spend time on it...and I'm totally okay with that.

That is kinda where I am with my blog.  I have learned so much from so many bloggers but it has been totally overwhelming. After a couple of years of saving great ideas, I have a mess on my computer.  I need some organization and that is where I am right now.  There has to be a way to have it all organized...but I haven't figure it out yet.  So, until I can figure out what I am going to do...I've kinda taken a blog sabbatical as far as downloading anymore stuff.  lol.     

I know I'm late for the party, but I need to take a break from cleaning my house (and my computer), so I decided to visit Farley for her monthly currently.  


Listening.  I swear there are about 10 dogs out there howling.  Different octaves too!  They always make me smile when I hear dogs howl.

Loving.    I'm keeping my fingers cross that my dryer holds out through the summer.  I don't think she has too many spins left.  :-(

Thinking.  Tomorrow little Samson will no longer be able to become a daddy.  I've never had to do this to a little boy puppy before.  Somehow...it  just different with our girl puppies.

Wanting.  A new mattress is probably more of a need than a want!  I'm pretty sure springs sticking through are not a good thing.

Needing.  I usually always have a book with me no matter when I am at. You never know when you might have time to read.  :-)

Essentials.  I can't imagine going anywhere without my hubby and we definitely need some bucks to go anywhere!  Books...well they are a must for me no matter where I go!

That's it!  I'm exhausted from all this typing.  Don't forget to link up!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I am so at that point in my Facebook life right now! I need to know what it's like to not have it!! I keep thinking that I need to deactivate my account, but I just haven't yet.. Haha I love your currently! Your thinking made me laugh out loud- for real.

    Erb Rhymes with Verb

  2. LOVE your Currently. The "balls" comment had me laughing out loud...at 4 a.m.! haha I hope Samson has a successful surgery, and congrats on the laundry :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. Sometimes this world of blogging can be overwhelming and keep me from things that I really love doing or should be doing, so I completely understand. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Loved your 'balls comment!' hahhahah Yay for sleep & clean laundry! Good luck on finding the perfect mattress! :)

    Miss Hey Miss

  5. I also enjoyed the balls comment! Poor guy! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed. There are so may blogs/bloggers and stuff on Pinterest and things everywhere!

    First Grade Brain

  6. I hope your puppy is recovering.
    While you are overwhelmed, at least you are caught up on laundry. Which is more than I can say.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    School Is a Happy Place