January 23, 2013

Funnies from Firsties

Don't you just love it when your student's make you laugh?  Here are just a few precious moments...

I asked my students if they knew why we didn't come to school on Monday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)... One of my sweeties raised her hand without any hesitation and said that was easy.  It was all because of the Father/Daughter Dance (which was Saturday)... they would be way to tired to come to school on Monday.

After reading a book about teeth, I asked my students if they had ever had a cavity.  One little girl raised her hand and told me she had one and it smelled just like a BBQ.  hmmm.... 

A few weeks ago I was checking to see what books one of my students had at her desk.  When she came back, she immediately noticed that they were gone. I told her that I needed to look at them for a few minutes.  She said "Soon, you are going to be a smartie like me and  know everything I know."

This came from a student I retained last year.  "I love your class and I want to always stay in here.  Pretty soon, Ill be driving myself here."  

Two of my little girls had a disagreement and it was creating problems on the playground.  I asked them later if everything was okay between them.  One of them said "Yes, we made out."  Her face got red and immediately said ... "I mean we made up!!!"

I didn't realize that A Turn to Learn hosts a weekly linky party for cute things our kiddos say.  Click on the button below find out all about it and to share one of your funnies!

What Did They Say!?


  1. Lol! Those were great! I love first grade stories!

    The best one that I have recently is a little boy in class start uncontrollably giggling. I asked him, "what is so funny?" He repliedi, " can you believe that it is still nighttime and we are at school?"

    Note: it was about 1 pm in Ohio on a very gloomy day.


  2. :-) Don't we all wish that we were as smart as our students!!

    Cute! Cute! Cute!

  3. Kids always say the cutest (mos innocent) things.

    First Grade and Fabulous

  4. Lol too cute!!!! Love the BBQ cavitity one though...like what?!

  5. Ha! Funny stuff.

  6. These are all amazing!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy bursting out laughing on my couch! Thanks for linking up! I'm looking forward to reading more stories from your kids in the future! :)

  7. Love the one about the student being able to drive himself to your class soon! So funny!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen