March 19, 2012

What Makes a Writer

I’ve never considered myself a writer. For the most part, I write things down that are probably of no interest to others. For years I have kept a journal... basically my written conversations with God. There are no rules about what I write down. It’s simply a mixture of my thoughts, poems, questions, lists, arguments, praise, etc. It doesn’t even have to make sense. It’s just my thoughts... written for no other eyes except mine.

Taking this Slice of Life challenge has been a whole new experience for me! Writing something that others might possibly read and then putting it out there for the world to see has definitely taken me unquestionably out of my comfort zone.

Amazingly I have enjoyed writing this daily slice of life. There have been days that I didn’t have any idea what I was going to write about ... then there were days that I would find myself thinking of random ideas, events, memories, etc. and could hardly wait to start typing the words I knew would flow easily.

So today, I sit here at my computer smiling about the possibilities that are waiting for me to write about.


  1. I have really enjoyed your SOL posts@ It is very ambitious to commit to one a day every day!!!!

    Going Nutty!

  2. It's great to see that there are other slicers out there taking the slice of life challenge. The possibilities are unlimited about what you/we can write.

  3. A public journal ~ very scary :)) But you're doing it!!

    Grade ONEderful

  4. The possibilities...exactly what slice of life is about.

    Thinking Out Loud

  5. The great thing about what you are doing is that you can see what we ask kids to do every day. It is hard to write something that has your voice AND is interesting to other readers AND has a central topic or theme. There are so many factors. You're learning a lot. That's the best way to live your life. I want to try this sometime.

    First in Maine

  6. I feel the same way about writing! I find myself now walking around the house "writing" in my head! A good book to read about writing is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott! I read it because I thought it would be about birds! It got me started thinking about the possibility of writing! I'm your newest follower. God bless!

  7. How wonderful that you were able to use this experience to go public with your writing.

  8. I've enjoyed your writing! This has been a great project to watch develop and grow.


  9. I've enjoyed your slices. :)


  10. I love that you've come to realize that you're a writer by doing this challenge. How wonderful!

  11. I have not heard of this challenge before but it sounds interesting!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  12. A great amount of vulnerability comes along when you make your daily thoughts public. Great that you have that sense of feeling like a writer as a result.

  13. Participating in this challenge is such an affirming experience.(Pass it on..)