March 8, 2012

Slice of Life ~ Day 8 of 31

Most days I absolutely love my job!  But today I wasn’t feeling that usual abundance of love. 

This evening I’m reflecting on some of the decisions that were made in the classroom.  I'm just so glad that tomorrow is a brand new day!   

There was one treasured moment that I will definitely be adding to my book of First Grade Precious Moments.    

One of my sweet little girls showed me her reading log and was bubbling over with excitement.  As I was signing & updating her log she started a conversation with me.  The dialogue went something like this:

Sweet Girl:   "I can not believe how many 100s I have gotten in a row!"  (giggle)

Me:               "I know! You are doing awesome!"

Sweet Girl:   "Yes, I’m pretty amazing!" (grinning 
                     from ear to ear)

She wasn’t bragging.  Just stating a fact.   I couldn’t help by smile as she hugged me. 

It’s moments like these that I cherish and hold on to... on days like today... when I’m not really feeling the love.


  1. What a delightfully confident young woman who made you smile today. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start PLUS it's FRIDAY!

  2. Yeah for brand new fresh days to start over with!! I'm totally feeling that tonight as well. Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  3. That Sweet Girl sounds pretty amazing. It's hard to be down when you get to teach first graders all day. I teach first grade too, and they keeps me laughing and smiling even when I don't really feel like laughing and smiling. Here's to first grade love!

  4. I'll bet I know what her name wasn't!! You are an amazing teacher, and I can hardly wait until your book is published!

  5. First Grade is the very best! {Even on the very crazy hard days!!}

    Hoping for a great day tomorrow!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  6. Aren't kids just brilliant! And don't you love this time of year? I love seeing how far kids have grown.

  7. I love her self confidence. The conversation made me smile. Thanks for sharing!

    Thinking Out Loud

  8. What a totally sweet little girl! I love those moments, especially on the days that are more trying than others! Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Katie
    First Grade ABCs