March 25, 2012

Last Day of Spring Break

Today is my last day of Spring Break. 
Where did time go for heaven sake?

I am definitely not ready to go back. 
Because mostly I just hung out in my shack! 

Almost every day it rained outside! 
Therefore I read books and sighed. 

Today the sun is shining bright. 
Somehow everything feels right!


  1. Our spring break is just starting, but I know I'll have the same feelings in a week. Great poem!

  2. Isn't that always the case, rain when you are off, sunshine when you are back to school. Fun poem, I think many can relate to it today.

  3. ooh - I wanted this to make me excited for spring break, but all of a sudden, I am feeling compelled to pray for good weather instead! :) Good luck with the transition back to the daily grind tomorrow!

  4. Sounds like my kind of Spring break! We start ours next week, and I'm hoping mine is as relaxing as yours sounds!


    Stickers, Scissors, and Smiles

  5. It rained almost every day here too! Oh and it is suppose to rain all this week too! Ugh! I am totally in your shoes! It is my last day of Spring Break and I just want one more day! :)

  6. My spring break just ended too. Now I'm looking forward to a 4-day Easter weekend :)
    Take care.
    Grade ONEderful