March 18, 2012

Slice of Life ~ 18 of 31

Time has passed...and I have forgotten what they looked like. Of course I can describe them, but not with all the little details that I want so much to remember!

All those memories have somehow slipped away hidden inside my head. How could that have happened! I loved them so much!

As I begin to search through the huge piles of old photographs, I eventually realize that I don’t have what I need to see! There is not a picture that captures all the details I’m looking for.

Yet... they were so important, but there doesn’t seem to be a photo where they were captured beautifully.

Now I’m frustrated. Were they really not that important to anyone?

Today is just a another day of many in my life that I really miss them!

My parents were blessed with 7 children. A few years ago,  we decided to take a picture of all of us together.   I'm so glad we did, now we have a visual... not just a memory that has a tendency to fade as the years go by...   I'll treasure this photo forever.

We will never forget!