March 27, 2012

Almost the Perfect Evening

     It was almost a perfect evening.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  Definitely the type of weather your feet are screaming out to wear some flip-flops.

     We made plans to meet at a restaurant for our weekly family night. The food was the usual okay-ish and the dinner table conversation topics were shared with a mixture of emotions.  We saw friends at various tables throughout the restaurant that made our evening even more enjoyable.   

     After a couple of hours together, we prepared to go our separate ways.  We all find comfort in knowing that we will see each other again next week to catch up on each other’s lives.  But for me, something was missing.   

     My husband had decided to make other plans tonight.  He chose to go to a men’s fellowship dinner at the church.  

     I’m okay with that.  It just wasn’t the perfect evening.


  1. OK...can I say that I LOVE your scrolling blog roll {and that I'm on it}! I'm seeing and learning something new with every blog that I follow! How'd you do that??!!

    Love it!

  2. We are having beautiful weather here in Minneapolis too. Wearin' my comfortable little flip-flops. Enjoy those family nights, they are so special!

  3. I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and show support for the new guy. I am overwhelmed by the amount of well wishers that stopped by. Thank you!

    First Upon A Time