March 12, 2014

A Grossed Out Teacher...Slice of Life

Yesterday a young child came running down the hallway screaming that she wanted to show me something.  I was pretty sure that she wasn’t talking to me, but I was curious about what she was so excited about... so I turned around.  She quickly reached me and it was obvious by the smile on her tiny face that something wonderful was happening in her life!  She quickly raised a plastic baggie up in the air.  It took me a few seconds to realize what was responsible for all the excitement.  Her first tooth was now at the bottom of the baggie. I tried to put on a smiley face and share in her obvious excitement…. but I must admit I found it hard to be joyful about bloody things in a baggie.

A few seconds later I enter my classroom and a student rushes up and immediately asks me if his tooth is bleeding.  I force myself to look at his smile, and there it is… a tooth hanging sideways with blood oozing out. 

It's no wonder I was feeling kind of queasy by the end of school today.  

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