March 6, 2014

Our Lucky Boy... Somebody Needs a Hug... Slice of Life

My first glimpse of Lucky was through a kitchen window.  He was leaping into the air to check out who had come to visit.  He seemed to be smiling as he looked through the glass at us. 

Most of his life had been spent outside…alone…unlike our 3 dogs!!  It didn’t take us long to fall in love with this little guy when he came to live with us for a few weeks.  He quickly got accustomed to our comfy sofa, ice cold water, puppy friends, and of course the constant loving.  He loved to be hugged and we would say to him “Does somebody need a hug?” and he would put his paws on our shoulders while we give him a hug,  Yes, we might have spoiled him just a tiny bit. 

When it was time for him to go home... he definitely had other plans.   He was quite the jumper…and when we took him home, he kept jumping the fence to come and visit us.  After bailing him out of jail a few times, the owners decided they could no longer keep him.  

We knew we weren’t supposed to have another dog…but he was such a loving dog we worried what might happen to him.  We adopted him and he quickly became a part of our family.
Eventually, we found the perfect home for him.  They took him on a trial basis….for both of us...  but they quickly fell in love with him and there was no way they would have ever given him back to us.  

Today we received the call that Lucky died suddenly from a heart attack caused by a tumor on his heart.  He was mostly likely happily running to greet them as they returned home from shopping…

I will forever miss our “Lucky Boy” and the special words that we shared only with him…. “Does Somebody Need A Hug?”


  1. Sad news, but how wonderful that he ended up in a loving, happy home. You captured his exuberance beautifully.

  2. I love how much you loved him - that was so apparent! Thanks for a sweet post.

  3. So sorry about Lucky. He was a handsome dog! Our pets do become part of us, don't they?

  4. Awww man it's not been a good winter for our pups. So sorry.

  5. Your story could be part of the Puppy Place series. I could feel your love for Lucky through your words. It sounds like helped him to,have a happy life.

    1. Sorry for the typos. I am on my iPad and it is hard to type on it!