March 9, 2014

Panic Mode...Slice of Life

Three different alarms go off.
I somehow managed to ignore every single one of them.

At 8:00 I sit straight up in bed. 
A quick glance at the clock and I knew I was going to be seriously late!

I hurried through my morning routine.  
Throwing my clothes on, I grabbed everything else I needed and rushed out the door.

OH NO!  I had forgotten about the snow & ice from yesterday.
There was thick ice on every window and my ice scrapper was broken!

I start the car hoping that it won’t take long to melt the thick ice.
A few seconds later, I realize that this was not going to work quickly enough.

I try not to panic as I rushed back to get the De-Icer.
My eyes quickly scan the garage until I located it on the floor.

I try to open the container but apparently I’m not smart enough to figure out how to open it.
In what some might consider a rage, I grabbed a huge knife and stab the plastic container.

I knew I probably needed to eat something so I hastily grabbed a banana from the counter.
Outside, I quickly poured the De-Icer and noticed that there was an abundance of liquid going everywhere.

It's not working!  Panic mode sets in once again. 
Seconds later it starts to do its magic! I could now see to drive.

I start my journey to my early rehearsal for bell choir at church.
Perhaps next time I should set FOUR alarms.


  1. That is a dreaded moment. Everyone knows it too well...panic! I'm glad the de-icer worked, finally. We always seem to get where we need to be even when we have a lapse in getting up on time.

  2. Oh my goodness, I could feel your panic as I was reading. Thankfully I don't have to deal with snow and thick ice here in WA but I do know what it feels like when you forget to warm the car up to melt the thin ice layer from a chilly night. So glad that you were able to attack that de-icer and get to church on time.