March 18, 2014

Growth - My One Little Word - Slice of Life

Last year at the beginning of the year, I chose a word that I wanted to represent me for the year 2013.  I wanted the word to be a point of reference for some things in my life.  Finally I came up with the worth GROWTH.  There were three specific areas that I wanted to see this growth. 

First, I wanted to become a better writer.  Unfortunately I totally failed in that quest.  Last year would have been a great year to write about the happenings of my lifebut there was so much going on and during that whole year I had absolutely no desire to write about them or anything else. 

I also wanted to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word to grow closer to him.  I know that I have grown in the knowledge of God’s word but the growth I really wantedjust simply didn’t happen.  I tried.   After I typed those words I took a long pause. Maybe that is my answerthe “I” tried.   I’m going to have to do some thinking on this statement.

Growing as a musician was the last thing I chose.   I love playing my clarinet and I spent HOURS playing it.  How do I know I’m better you might ask Well, there are a couple of reasons.  First, my husband told me that he has noticed I squeal less.  But the real reason I know I have improved is because my orchestra director told me he was going to turn the microphone up.  Yip, I must be better. 


  1. "Growth" is a great word to strive to have be descriptive of your whole year! Glad to hear that you saw success in your musical talents! Maybe 2014 can be "Growth 2.0" :) As a fellow woman desiring to grow in my knowledge of God's word and in my writing abilities...I think that both of those goals are ones we never fully achieve. In my opinion, they are both goals that are hard because the more we grow, the more we realize we have to keep growing. The more I learn about God, the more I realize how much I have YET to learn. The more I write, the more I realize I have to improve upon my writing craft. That's how I often feel, anyway. Keep pressing have some great, worthwhile goals! =)

  2. Your post reminds me of what some administrators think of growth - it is never enough. I think we as women, have that mindset to begin with. Why is that so hard for us? I wrote about failing today and many of the comments I received were to not be so hard on myself. So, I am relaying that same message to you. I hope it helps! My OLW is reach and one goal was to reach toward Him - that is a continuing struggle for me as well.

  3. 1. You did NOT fail as a writer! You sliced, you blogged, you wrote that is NOT failure..that is a beginning.
    2. I do not know a more Godly woman/person, He does not ask for more.
    3. Your first graders think you play beautifully!
    You are not a failure at anything you do. Ever. You have ME!! Love ya!

  4. I think the reflection on your growth in different areas is growth- therefore very successful! We can only grow when we evaluate ourselves and make changes from there.