March 19, 2014

Quiet Time Interrupted... Slice of Life

I relish my quiet time.
My husband is at work.
Our three dogs play in the warmth of the outdoors.
The house is void of any unwanted noise...the welcome sound of silence....
I thirst for quiet times like this because it occurs so rarely.

Then it happened... a faint tap at my front door.
Irritation begins as I realize my quiet has been interrupted.
Dont they know its my quiet time?
The knocking becomes louder and more forceful.
Stingily, I force myself to abandon my desperately needed quiet time.

I cant help but smile when I looked through the peephole and found myself reluctantly opening the door.  
Two children are standing side-by-side with huge grins on their little faces.  
I notice quickly that they are dirty from head to toe. The older child immediately starts the conversation before I even manage to completely open the door. 

Would you like to buy some rocks? she asked. 
I didnt say no...but pointed towards the pile of rocks that I have accumulated over the years.  
Before I could say anything else, they turned around quickly and off they ran towards the house  next door. 

For some reason I wish I would have looked more closely at their treasured rocks.  
I do LOVE rocks!!!!  
I think Im going to have to seek out those neighborhood children tomorrow and take a closer look at the rocks and perhaps add them to my collection.


  1. Oh the doorbell! (And the knocking)...
    I really thrive off of some quiet time each day. I'm learning how to balance the needs of the kids to be with their friends and my need to be quiet for a bit each day. And also not seem like a cranky neighbor! This post I connected with immediately. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very fun to read. I relish my quiet time too.

  3. What a fun interruption! Entrepreneurs in the making!

  4. I've had knocks for jewelry, See's candy, Girl Scout cookies and magazines. I haven't had a rock salesman yet. I will be waiting for one.

  5. Loved how the piece went for serene and peaceful to whimsical- my mood followed along.

  6. This is a beautifully written slice that builds suspense and end with a sweet conquering of understandable irritation. How many times haven't I cycled through these emotions as a teacher? Thank you for sharing!