March 3, 2014


Fortunately I had an unplanned day off.

Unfortunately, I had no desire to be productive.

Fortunately, this afternoon I decided to grade papers.

Unfortunately, the papers were outside in my car…where I would have to trample through snow to get to them.

Fortunately my husband had made a path to the car.

Unfortunately, the car was gone…because he drove it to work.

Fortunately he will be back this evening.

Unfortunately by that time I will be out of the mood to grade papers.


  1. I love the book, Fortunately! I used it all the time as a frame book when I taught 1st grade. I live in the Rockies where snow days do not exist!
    Fortunately, we get lots of snow to ski on! Unfortunately, I need to shovel then drive in it no matter what to get to work!

  2. Thanks for the chuckle - this is so me!!!

  3. Seems like a sign to me. I hope you enjoyed your unplanned day.

  4. The kids and I are working on pattern poems right now. Your fortunately and unfortunately is a great example of me to show them it does not have to be a poem:) Love your sense of humor!

  5. Oh I do love that book! I hope you had a delightful unplanned, wonderful, terribly good day today!

  6. Hahahaha!!! I LOVE this! What a great way to structure a post!

  7. Where have I been. I don't know the mentor text you based your writing style on but on my 2nd snow say today I LAN to look for it on amazon while avoiding my 4th grade papers to grade!!