March 24, 2014

The Way I Remember It. .. Slice of Life

As I was sitting on the couch trying to decide what to write about, my husband made a suggestion that perhaps I should write about our telephone conversation today.   (Well those weren’t his exact words...but I’m sure that’s what he meant).  So here it is (the way I remember it):

During recess today I made a telephone call to my husband to ask him an important question.  It’s rare that I call him during the day because I know how BUSY he is.…I on the other hand have so much free time and it's so easy to take personal calls since all I do it teach!! (insert sarcasm) 

So...  I use my breaks to try and get all my important (according to me) telephone calls taken care of during that short period of time.   He answered the phone and before I could utter ANYTHING to him he said, “I’ll call you right back.”  … Uhhh... okay...… 

I'm thinking that there must be some kind of emergency at his place of business.  As soon as that thought came to my head though, I quickly dismissed it.  Irritation began to take over the battle I had going on in my head after our short conversation.  How did he know that I didn’t have an emergency???  I mean come on!  What’s the absolute  worse thing  that could happen if he took the time to talk to me.  Perhaps his boss might fire him??  I don’t think so... especially since he owns the business.   Grrrr...…

A few minutes later he graciously took the time to call me back and said, "Sorry, I was with a customer."  However, what I felt like he meant to say was... "you are not as important as my paying customers".  I must admit by that time I was perhaps a tad bit ticked off at him and so I pretty much just hung up on him.  That definitely wasn't one of my shining moments!  

There you have it... our phone conversation (the way I remember it)


  1. Pooooorrr Mark! And Funny I wrote about my hubby tonight too!!! LOL

  2. I chuckled. Your post brought back similar situations with my husband. We all have moment where we don't shine so bright, but good for you to reflect on it.