March 17, 2014

A Four Week Journey...Slice of Life

This morning I woke up feeling a mixture of emotions.  I had been anxiously waiting for over a month for this appointment.  Finally I would be able to find out what was causing the issues which affect me on a daily basis. 
I came prepared to answer questions that could easily have been sent from the referring doctor.   Wouldn’t it be nice to have a form that could go from one doctor to the next!  

He asked me a million more questions.  Then came the fun!!

“Stretch your hands out and touch your nose while leaving your eyes closed”  (failure…apparently I was a wobbler)

“Put one foot in front of the other and walk towards me”  (failure again…- I hope I don't have to do that for the police!  Yikes!!)

Apparently I have benign positional vertigo that is induced by changing head positions. Yippee!!!! There is treatment. next step was to see a physical therapist. 

A few hours later, I found myself working with the physical therapist.  After a quick exercise to find out which side I was most affected by the vertigo I heard the therapist say “there it is!!!”  She didn’t need to tell me, I knew it before she did.   I felt the uncontrolled eye movement immediately.  I learned there was a name for it…but unfortunately I don’t have a clue what it was. 

So…today begins a 4 week journey of vertigo physical therapy that leaves me with a mixture of emotions… and anxiously waiting to see what the results will be.


  1. Good luck. There seemed to be a sense of relief when you found out that there was a name...and that there was something to help. Physical therapy can work wonders and from your words it sounds like you will give it your all. Jackie

  2. Interesting! It makes me wonder what type of exercises or things they will have you do to help. I hope it helps! Feel better!

  3. So glad you've found the answer, and it's fixable! Ginger essential oil, as well as tangerine EO, can we helpful. Inhale or apply to hands.