March 4, 2014

My Little Boy... Slice of Life

My handsome little boy stared at me with pleading eyes.  He had grown restless after spending most of the day entertaining himself with anything that was in his reach.  I knew he yearned to go outside and play, but I needed to protect him from the bitter cold outside. 

His brother and sister were sleeping and he waited for them impatiently.   He crawled into my lap, but I was not what he wanted.  He was ready to play.

I peeked out the front door and decided to leave it open so he could see the blanket of knee-deep powdery snow that had covered everything in sight.  

He stood looking out the glass door for several minutes...  but it wasn’t enough for him.

His huge, dark brown eyes continued to plead with me... and then the whining commenced.  I had tried to protect him from the bitter cold... but sometimes you just have to give in and let them have some fun. 

He walked beside me as we made our way to the safety of our backyard.  I could feel his excitement building as I opened the door. There was no stopping him as he quickly ran out the door.  He was such a happy boy!!! 

Within a few seconds he finally had what he needed.  His best buddy friends from next door were there waiting for him, tails wagging, bodies leaping into the air as if they hadn’t seen each other for days!!! 

I decided to give them a few moments alone.  I think he will be okay playing with his friends.

A few minutes later, I call him to come back in.  He reluctantly sauntered back into the warmth of our house.  He snuggles up beside me...  I enjoy it for a while... because I know he will be missing his friends again soon.


  1. WOW! That was awesome! I'm sharing it with a fourth grade teacher friend. Her kids will be wowed too!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. This is amazing . . . it took me a minute to realize your "boy" had 4 legs ;-) I see my neighbor's "girl" and she is the same way . . .not even the below temps seem to bother her.

  3. Little boys and puppy dogs have a lot of similarities, I think - and your writing echoes this! Very sweet. At least you did not have to be out in the cold with him! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a small moment, really one that happened in minutes, but you so eloquently stretched it out, and had us holding on to every word... A true slice of life.

  5. You are a great writer. Thanks for sharing.
    I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. You inspire me with your every blog. Thank you for all you do. Enjoy your day!
    Claire Dietsche