March 22, 2014

Subitizing ~ Counting Together App

     Until recently, I didn’t know what subitizing was.  When I finally understood, I realized that I JUST simply didn’t know that it had a special name.  For those of you that have not heard of the term, subitizing is being able to instantly see how many objects there are in front of you without actually counting them.    

     A few weeks ago I was asked to write a review about an app that was available to help my students subitize.  Up on that time, I had not heard of the app entitled  Counting Together.  It is an app (free or the full version for $1.99) that will definitely be a helpful asset in the classroom of young students.   

     One of the first things that I quickly noticed after downloading the app was the theme.  Dinosaurs!   I have several students in my first grade classroom that find dinosaurs to be quite exciting! Therefore, the colorful 3-D screen of this prehistoric world of dinosaurs and cavemen will definitely help engage the students in their learning.


     As you can see from the picture above, there are 3 levels of difficulty.  Up to to 4 players are also able to be engaged on one iPad at the same time!   As students are playing the game they will see dinosaurs and other strange creatures in the middle of the screen.  Their goal is to quickly recognize the number of objects and press the number that matches the picture they see (and of course try to  beat the person(s) they are playing with.)

     To see a video that explains this game in more detail, click the on the picture below.

It looks like it is going to be a great resources for my first graders, especially at the beginning.

Please go check it out for yourself! 

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