March 26, 2014

I hate being late! Slice of Life

Yesterday I looked up at my clock and realized I had 5 minutes to get to orchestra rehearsal.  Yikes!!!  My zip speed took over and I immediately grabbed everything I needed and headed out the door.  I knew I am going to be cutting it close… but I was pretty confident I would be able get there in time. 

About a mile down the road I had this sinking feeling that I didn’t have everything I needed.   Where was my music notebook?  Did I pick it up?  I tried to go over swiftly in my head what I had picked up before walking out the door.  I was pretty sure it was in the car, but I didn’t see it anywhere!  Within a few seconds, I decided that I needed to be positive that I had it before going any further.  Dang it!  I didn’t see it anywhere. 

I turned around and headed for home…perhaps at a greater speed than I had been going before.  Hurriedly I went into the house and there it was…right where I left it.  I scooped it up and rushed out the door once again.  With a quick glance, I noticed it was now almost 6:00.  I was going to be late!!  Do I bother to go?  I was panicking as I backed out of the driveway and almost decided to just forget it.  But then…the responsible side of me knew that I had to show up at our last rehearsal before we played on Sunday.

 I continued to hurry (trying so hard not to speed too much!)   I finally got there about 7 minutes late.  

They never ever start on time!!  But yet there they were (everyone) playing.    Once again I wanted to turn around and go home… but I decided to plow through my embarrassment and go sit and start playing…hoping no one would notice.  It was a short practice and we were done at 6:15!  Was it worth it?  Yip!  


  1. I'm with you, I hate to be late - fortunately my hubby is the same way - so we always arrive early. It never fails when you are running late, it always starts on time. Glad you got there almost on time.

  2. I hate being late too. I fell like I missed out on an important part when I show up late and I'm lost.

  3. I have a fear of being late! That is why I usually get places waaayyy too early.

  4. How frustrating! At least you didn't get stuck behind slow cars once you were finally on your way!