March 5, 2014

It Was Just One of Those Days...Slice of Life

It was just one of those days

No breakfast
 No morning caffeine
  Laptop left at home
    Energetic child doing cartwheels in the classroom
     Morning Recess …
      Smart Board broken
       Tattling Continues
        Yellow play dough all over the carpet
         Lunch Duty
          Trip over steps 
           Chocolate Teddy Grahams & orange for lunch
            Crayon Markings on the Wall
             More Tattling
              Printer jams
               Afternoon Recess Duty
                Three children with headaches
                  One teacher with a headache

Yes... It was just one of those days


  1. What a day! I am sorry because some days ARE just like that. Thankfully we get to start over tomorrow! I hope you get a good dinner and some rest. :)

  2. Yes, you did have quite the day! On a positive note, I love the way you wrote about it! Hope tomorrow is better :-)
    BigTime Literacy

  3. On days like this you have to laugh... or you will cry. I hope you can find that nugget to laugh about.